Can I baptize my children or my friend that I led to the Lord or should a pastor do it?


We believe this is a gray area and a secondary matter, but we are happy to share our approach to this question for the sake of clarity. Can you baptize someone? We think the answer is yes. We do not believe that the Bible prevents any Christian from being able to baptize a convert. The better question is, “Should you?” If it is a situation like Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8) and there is not a church around that the person can be baptized in, you should baptize that believer. If there is a church, we believe you should direct the convert to the church and its leadership. Let us explain why and how we handle this at True Life. We believe that generally baptism should happen in the gathered worship of the church because it is an ordinance of the church. It is an ordinance of the church because Jesus ordained that the church practice believer’s baptism until He returns. Also, 1 Corinthians 14:40 says, “Let all things be done decently and in order.” Our practice is for our pastors, staff, or other ordained person to do the baptisms after meeting with the person who wants to be baptized to ascertain his understanding of the gospel, whether or not his profession of faith seems credible, and to explain the meaning and details of baptism. We believe this process needs to be followed carefully by trained people to do what we can to insure a regenerate church membership. We believe it is our pastoral duty to provide oversight to the process and to try to make sure the Bible is followed as closely as possible when people are baptized. We do not believe that people baptizing others, apart from very unique circumstances, outside of the gathered church body and without following this process is the best way to insure that Scripture is followed properly.

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