Small Groups

It’s our vision to be a church of small groups where people experience life together, grow, spiritually through study and prayer, support and challenge one another, and reach out and minister together.

The Bible says in Acts 5:42 that “daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.” In Acts 20:20, Paul said that he “kept back nothing that was helpful, but proclaimed it to you, and taught you publicly and from house to house.”

What is a Small Group?

  • A Small Group is a gathering of people who usually meet weekly for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.
  • A place to build authentic friendships with people who will be there for us outside of group as well.
  • Some groups meet at the church, but most meet in homes.

Why connect to a Small Group?

  • Small groups move us out of the crowd and give us a place to belong and connect with others.
  • People in small groups share life together, even when life is difficult and messy.
  • Small group relationships can help you grow spiritually in ways that just attending a church service cannot do.

How do I get connected?

  • Contact the church office at 865-471-5530
  • Contact our Small Groups Pastor, Rusty Arwood (click here )
  • Contact one of our Small Group Leaders (click on any group listed below for more information)

The Bible pictures large gatherings of believers and small, intimate gatherings as well. Both are necessary. In fact, we believe that a church should always be growing larger and smaller at the same time. It should be growing larger through evangelism as more and more people come to Christ, but it should be growing smaller as people are plugged into small groups where relationships can be developed. Each of us desperately needs to be connected to others as we journey through what is often a fragmented and difficult world. We believe that life change can most easily occur in the context of a small group of believers. All the ministry of a church (evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, worship, and ministry) can take place in a small group. Pastoral care can be done through these groups as believers care for one another. People who are not yet Christians can come and learn about Jesus Christ in a non-threatening environment. Ultimately, we believe God’s plan is for believers to build a loving and united community within to reach the community without in order to share in an eternal community with Him.
Small Group Ministry Core Values

1. Following The Biblical Pattern: Small groups follow the biblical pattern presented in the book of Acts of the church having large gatherings and meetings of small groups.

2. People Are Our Priority: People, not programs, are our priority. Therefore, we will focus on building relationships through small groups.

3. Relating Properly To “One Another:” Small groups are a great way to accomplish the “one another” statements of Scripture.

4. Experiencing Life Together: God is calling us to real fellowship, which is truly experiencing life together. It is sharing the common life that we have in Christ.

5. Authenticity: God wants us to be authentic, genuine, and open. That can often be difficult to do. However, we desire to create an atmosphere that encourages authenticity in the small groups.

6. Every Believer Is A Minister: We are one body with many members and each member is to use his or her God-given spiritual gifts to minister and care for one another through the small groups. This decentralizes pastoral care and allows the Body of Christ to function in the proper manner.

7. Multiplication: God’s plan for every church is to multiply disciples, leaders, small groups, and churches. We plan to do this by being a church of small groups.