The Crucible – Youth

A crucible is a tool used to refine metal into higher quality metal to be used in tools. The Crucible seeks to partner with parents to help disciple youth in their faith by refining them into tools for the Kingdom of God. By answering questions about Christianity and the Bible in Club 56, to learning about the doctrines of the faith in Middle School, to dealing with the practical application of scripture to our lives in High School, we hope to equip our students with a biblical worldview as they prepare to go to college and live a faithful christian life beyond. Our Youth Leaders are amazing and talented and are here for your family!

We meet on Wednesdays from 6:30 till 8:00. We have a group game, worship with our youth band, and then separate out into 3 different classes based on grade level.

Club 56

5th and 6th Grade

In Club 56 we are trying to bridge the gap between Kid’s Ministry and Youth Group. We want to help students start asking questions and getting answers for their faith. We have partnered with Answers in Genesis and have been walking through each section of the Bible showing the context of the history and how it relates to Jesus and the Gospel.  Each week we try to make practical application to our lives based off of what we see happening in each Bible passage.  Club 56 builds a foundation for the rest of the student’s time in Youth to build upon.

Middle School

7th and 8th Grade

In middle school your student will study 2 main things: Bible Doctrine (sometimes called catechism) and Bible Survey. Catechism will help give students a working understanding of what we believe and where it comes from in the Bible. It will also help to give them working conversation topics when confronted with questions about their faith. Bible Survey provides broad sweeping pictures of what each book of the Bible has in it, who wrote the book, what the historical context was, and most importantly how it applies to their lives currently.

High School

9th - 12th Grade

High school is where we start using the Bible to work through life application topics. Things like how to find a Biblical church in college, what our spiritual gifts are, what the Bible has to say about our identity, spiritual warfare, apologetics, and what our purpose in life should be are all discussed from a biblical perspective. We end the evening with small groups to talk through the lesson, pray together, and hold each other accountable.


We only get to hang out with your children a few hours each week. You are the real disciple makers! We want to support you in any way we can. We have a facebook group that has many resources for you to use such as:

  • membership and access to all of their resources and seminars.
  • Resource packs dealing with conversations about anxiety, LGBTQ, self harm, porn, and other issues we are facing in today’s culture.
  • Other parents that are able to talk with you about their lives and struggles.

If we can be of help, we are here for you. Our youth team is the best group of people I know, and they are dedicated to helping you grow your child into a godly man or woman.