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The goal with Student Connection is to help teenagers grow into a faith of their own. Our focus in Middle School is to lay a foundation of what we believe. In High School we equip the students with practical knowledge on how to live out their faith.

Our hope is to help them develop a personal faith that enables them to live an empowered Christian life.

Club 56

Wednesday nights 6:30-8pm during Fall and Spring Semester. In Club 56, we lay down the Scriptural foundations of what a walk with Christ looks like by equipping and building upon student’s beliefs and knowledge.  We teach through Scripture who Jesus was and is, and that God’s Word has always been relevant, true, and life-changing.  This class gives them a foundational understanding for the older classes to work from.  Examples of our lessons include:  What is Discipleship?, How Do We Pray?, Who Does the Bible Say I Am?, and How Do I Handle Doubts and Questions?.

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