Our History

Jimmy Inman is the Church Planter/Founding Pastor of True Life Church and currently serves as Teaching Pastor and one of the elders. Jimmy and his wife, Robin, were both born and raised in Morristown. They married in 1990 and moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina in January of 1993 for Jimmy to attend seminary. He graduated in December of 1995. They moved back to Morristown for a few months but then moved to Frederick, Maryland where Jimmy pastored Berean Baptist Church for almost six years.

During their time in Frederick, the Inmans would come back to East Tennessee to visit a few times each year, and Robin and Jimmy would often have conversations regarding the need for a contemporary style Baptist church in the Lakeway area. They believed that someone should start this type of non-traditional church without thinking it was supposed to be them.

God has led each step of the way in the planting of True Life Church. He has provided in marvelous and miraculous ways. We trust that He will continue to do so in the future. We believe that the best is yet to come. We are excited about the lives that the Lord is going to touch through this church. Check out our history timeline below.

The Inmans began to sense that God was possibly calling them back to Morristown, TN to start a new church.
Jimmy and Robin Inman make a definite decision to leave their Frederick, Maryland ministry.
June 25, 2002
The Inmans move back to Morristown, TN to begin the process of planting True Life.
August 2002
They began by trying to put together a core group of people who shared their vision and felt called to work together to plant a church that would "meet people where they are and help them become fully devoted followers of Christ." God raised up a few dedicated families who worked together to lay the foundation for the new church. The core group began meeting together for worship, prayer, Bible study, and planning at the home of Keith and Lonna Rickard.
September 2002
True Life signed a three-year lease with Wayne and Sherry Williams to occupy a 7,000 square foot building located at 1104 East Highway 11E in Jefferson City. True Life ended up spending over seven years in that building. Morningside Baptist Church in Morristown became the primary sponsoring church with Daybreak Community Church in Frederick, MD, as a secondary sponsor. True Life was also sponsored by the Nolachucky Baptist Association and Tennessee Baptist Convention. It is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention
November 2002
The official Kickoff Service was held with slightly over 100 people in attendance.
January 5, 2003
Started our Small Groups Ministry.
November 2003
We incorporated, ordained elders, and officially constituted as a church.
January 2005
We took our first mission trip as a church to Honduras.
March 2005
True Life was able to purchase a building of its own, It was an existing church building formerly occupied by Faith Baptist Church. This is our current location.
August 2009
After few months of renovations, we were able to move into the building. This almost doubled our available space, and allows us the potential for future growth.
January 2010
True Life purchases adjacent property for future expansion.
March 2018
We took our first mission trip as a church to Uganda.
February 2022
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