Boots on the Ground is now TLC GO (Gospel Outreach)

Our Vision

TLC GO seeks to fulfill the Church’s mission ‘to make disciples’ by sharing the Gospel and serving in ways that point our community to Christ.


Our Belief

True Life Church Gospel Outreach (or TLC GO) is founded on our belief that outreach is more than just a Church program; it’s a way of life. We focus our efforts on people, not projects. Rather than concentrate only on meeting needs in our local area, we work to meet people in our area who have needs. It’s that subtle difference in mindset that leads to a drastic difference in our approach.

When we maintain a “people first” way of thinking, we ensure that we are not only meeting the need of an individual physically, but also recognizing its root spiritually. The Gospel is the good news of how God has made a way to restore us to a right relationship with Him through the finished work of Jesus Christ. Gospel Outreach means infusing everything that we do with the same goal, to see broken people restored to a right relationship with God, themselves and the rest of society.


Meeting People Where They Are

TLC GO is the culture of outreach at True Life Church. In it we emphasize that every member of TLC is a part of our Outreach team. It’s the way we build community both in our individual lives and corporately as a Church. As a result, we focus on meeting people where they are in different ways:

1.    Outreach as a Lifestyle. At TLC we encourage members to build relationships with the people we live life with daily. It is a call to be salt and light in the world. 

2.     Outreach as a Small Group. There are many of our regular Small Groups that come together to serve and minister to our local area monthly. Moreover, many come together to form their own teams that focus on evangelism, nursing home visits and even a cooking ministry at the recovery house in White Pine. These groups demonstrate that outreach is more than a program. It is a fulfillment of purpose in the way that God has designed us as His people.

3.     Outreach as a GO Team. For some of our larger efforts we have several GO Teams in operation or early formation. These teams focus on directly partnering with others in our local community. Whether ministering to local first responders in service events, or to foster underprivileged kids through our Operation Shoe Supply, our local events are focused on building relationships and community.

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