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1. Vision: The vision is to use a variety of ministries to reach communities in Honduras with
the gospel and develop leaders with the end result of planting multiplying churches.

2. Partnership: We are partnered with Communion Baptist Church in Tegucigalpa, led by
Pastor Julio Pacheco, who is also the Missions Pastor for this partnership and the church planting
network. He is assisted by Luis Villanueva, Luis Sanchez, and Pastor Norman Alexis Oliva.
They are the mother church in our church planting efforts, although two of our church plants are
now constituted churches, and we are building relationships with others so we are probably
moving towards multiple mother churches. This will accelerate the pace of church planting. We
are partnered with several other church and individuals in this endeavor and would really like to
add other churches/individuals in the United States to this partnership. We have a Honduras
bank account and wire money to them monthly through it. Judge Duane Sloane is the True Life
Honduras Ministry Coordinator and is assisted by Cecil and Jessica Page, Jim Srock, and our
administrative assistants. Pastor Jimmy Inman oversees the entire partnership.

3. Current Strategy:
A. Add churches to the partnership who will adopt communities to minister in and plant
churches. We would like to create at least four church planting zones where churches in the
partnership would adopt a particular zone to work in. The goal would be to do ministry,
community building, and plant churches in communities with little or no evangelical presence
with the goal of those churches being church planting churches.

The current structure is:
-Talanga: Acts Church
-Rio Dulce/Casillas/Zarzalooza/other communities in the area: True Life
-Mata de Platano/Singuezapa/Casillas: The Church at Rutledge
-Sanata Ana/Jicarito:
-Communion/Divanna/Cataluna: True Life/North Carolina group

There are other churches, teams, and individuals that are supporting the ministry in general in
different ways including finances and mission trips. There are other elements to the entire
partnership but this is what True Life is involved with.

B. Develop pastors and church leaders through the seminary (Institute For Pastoral And
Theological Training) and other training who can plant and lead churches. The seminary currently has almost 40 students in two classes, one group that just started and one that will graduate in 2019.

C. Develop micro businesses to help the people financially and to use as a ministry tool.

D. Make sure Julio has the support and resources he needs to fulfill his role.

E. Continue to develop the 8 Boys and Girls Clubs that have been started and start more
clubs in other places. The plan is to connect church planting and starting clubs together. When
we build buildings in the future, they would have the dual purpose of housing churches and

F. Continue the development of the church plants/churches True Life has been working

G. Particularly, we feel called to focus on reaching men in order to impact families.